The Belmont Eruv

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Eruv status

The Eruv has been checked and is up and operational this Shabbat.


Welcome to the Belmont Eruv. The Belmont Eruv has been completed. The Belmont Eruv is an extension of the southern border of the Stanmore and Canons Park Eruv. Its boundaries take it from Canons Park Station on Whitchurch Lane, along the Jubilee line for about a mile. It then turns west, crossing Kenton Lane until it reaches Kenmore Avenue. It then turns north until it reaches the Uxbridge Road. The Belmont Eruv takes in at least 4,000 homes. The area covered by the Belmont Eruv is shown in the map below (the blue and green lines are the boundaries of the Stanmore and Canons Park Eruv and the red line is the boundary of the Belmont Eruv. Click on the 'Map' button for a larger map.

If you are planning a visit, the Belmont Eruv will make your Shabbat arrangements easier. We can also offer you hospitality, so please contact Rabbi Elchonon at or 07854 272613.

If you are thinking of moving to Belmont we look forward to you joining us. To check whether your proposed new home will be inside the Belmont Eruv please contact Rabbi Elchonon at or 07854 272613.

The Belmont Eruv has been constructed and is operated under the authorisation and supervision of the London Beth DIn.
The Belmont Eruv is inspected each week. Anyone who wishes to use the Belmont Eruv must ensure every Friday that the Belmont Eruv has been declared operational by checking this website. You should not assume that the Belmont Eruv is operational.

Since the Belmont Eruv shares a boundary with the Stanmore and Canons Park Eruv, it will be possible to carry across from Belmont to Stanmore. This is subject each week to both Eruvim having been checked and declared operative. You can check the status of the Stanmore and Canons Park Eruv at

If you want to know more about the Belmont Eruv please take a look at our answers to the frequently asked questions using the button below.